Free Shipping cost to Europe & UK.

Offer not valid for items that due to weight or measurements require another type of shipment. That is why we have updated the shipping costs of these items to Europe and the United Kingdom with the best price, being able to consult the cost of the expenses before making the purchase.

We send your purchases by certified mail with tracking number and delivery confirmation. 

Purchases from the US and Japan have shipping costs not included in the sale price. Contact us and we will facilitate your purchases on our website.

We ship worldwide with certified international mail.  For more details please contact us by email.   info@capitolvintage.com

All orders are shipped as soon as possible, shipping takes 3-5 days in Spain, 7-10 days in Europe & UK and approximately 12-15 days in the rest of the world. The delivery time always depends as well on delivery of the local service.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order,  you can return it within 5 calendar days from the date of receipt, providing that the product is unused, labeled and with its original packaging. To return or change the products, first contact our Customer Service by email.  info@capitolvintage.com

The shipping costs will be borne by the customer except when the article is defective or an erroneous order has been received. first contact our Customer Service by email. info@capitolvintage.com

OUR REPLY: We don’t do payment reimbursements. Refunds will be issued in store credit only  . Store credits never expire and can be used partially.

EXCHANGES: If you want to make an exchange, you can return it within 5 calendar days from the date of receipt,  please email us with the item numbers so we can hold them pending receipt of your return.

For exchanges you must pay extra for p& p cost.

We´ll process the exchange the day after your return is received. If you need the exchange items quickly, you might prefer to place a new order for it now and then process the return separately.  


Shipments to the UK  & Europe are declared as gifts and used clothing so they are tax exempt

You should know that all your orders are sent as gifts, so they are exempt from VAT.

The Order of Exemption of VAT (Non-Commercial Shipments) establishes that no tax must be paid on the importation of merchandise that is part of a small non-commercial shipment as a gift declaring the content as USED CLOTHING.
As these are second-hand garments, we will value it to the minimum.
Upon arrival in , the package will have documentation and declaration of content .

To clarify, since July 2021, shipments that include GIFT used clothing content are exempt from VAT. Of course, you will have all the guarantees that we have been offering our clients for years.



Oferta no válida para artículos que por peso o medidas requieran otro tipo de envío. Por eso hemos actualizado los gastos de envío de estos artículos a Europa y Reino Unido con el mejor precio, pudiendo consultar el coste de los gastos antes de realizar la compra.

Enviamos tus compras por correo certificado con número de seguimiento y confirmación de entrega.

Enviamos a todo el mundo con correo internacional certificado. Para más detalles, contáctenos por correo electrónico. Todos los pedidos se envían lo antes posible, el envío tarda de 3 a 5 días en España, de 7 a 10 días en Europa y Reino Unido y aproximadamente de 12 a 15 días en el resto del mundo. El tiempo de entrega siempre depende también de la entrega del servicio local.

Si por cualquier motivo no queda satisfecho con su pedido, puede cambiarlo por otro articulo  realizando la devolución  dentro de los 5 días naturales siguientes a la fecha de recepción, siempre que el producto esté sin usar, etiquetado y con su embalaje original.

Para devolver o cambiar los productos, primero comuníquese con nuestro Servicio de Atención al Cliente por correo electrónico. Los gastos de envío correrán a cargo del cliente salvo que el artículo sea defectuoso o se haya recibido un pedido erróneo.

Primero comuníquese con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente por correo electrónico. info@capitolvintage.com

NUESTRA RESPUESTA: No realizamos reembolsos de pagos. Los reembolsos se emitirán únicamente a crédito de la tienda. Los créditos de la tienda nunca caducan y se pueden usar parcialmente.

CAMBIOS: Si desea realizar un cambio, puede devolverlo dentro de los 5 días calendario a partir de la fecha de recepción, envíenos un correo electrónico con los números de artículo para que podamos retenerlos a la espera de recibir su devolución. Para los cambios, debe pagar extra por el costo del envio ( El coste de la devolucion para cambiar los articulos correra a cargo del cliente)