General conditions of Capitol Vintage

1 – Personal details:

The present general sale conditions apply definitely to all the sales of products carried out in Spain, included the Canaries and the Balearic Islands for Capitol Vintage, from now on Capitolvintage to themselves, in the direction of natural persons.
Any order done to Capitolvintage implies necessary under the pretext of essential, determinant and essential condition, the acceptance without reservations for the Client of the General Conditions of Sale of current Capitolvintage the day in which the corresponding order is carried out. Also, the Client admits that the acceptance of the present conditions will imply the application of these to the order to which they refer, as well as to any later order, except for those cases in which new conditions are put in its knowledge by Capitolvintage. The fact that Capitolvintage should not resort in a moment started to any of the present conditions it cannot be interpreted that it will be equivalent to give up resorting to them in the future or in the past.
Applicable law and competent jurisdiction. The interpretation and the execution of the conditions, as well as all the acts that they are a consequence of them, will remain submitted to the Spanish right, unless there exist dispositions of public order opposite to it.

2 – Prices:

The prices published in Capitolvintage are in Euros and they are current except misprint. All the prices go VAT included applicably in the day of the order, any change of valuation of VAT will be applied automatically at the prices of the products in sale in Capitolvintage.
The offers on products in sale in Capitolvintage will appear in the paragraph “Offers“ or it will be indicated in the card of the product and, if the opposite is not indicated, they will be valid while they appear on screen.

3 – Different Payment ways:

On having formulated the order, the client can choose freely to pay the buys that it realizes in Capitolvintage by means that are indicated in the moment of the buy.

4 – Product:

The offers presented by Capitolvintage are valid inside the limit of the available stock. Capitolvintage reserves the right to modify the products choice according to the difficulties imposed by its providers.
The photos, graphic symbols and the descriptions of the products proposed to the sale alone sound orientativos and they do not compromise by any means the seller Capitolvintage.

5 – Mailing:

1. The acquired products will be delivered to the person and to the direction indicated in the order.
2. For defect, the invoices will send to themselves to the direction e-mail indicated by the client in the hour of its high one in Capitolvintage.
3. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there will be neither exit nor delivery of orders.
4. Nevertheless its delay will imply neither annulment of the order nor any indemnification.
5. An order is considered to be dedicated at the moment when the transporter delivers the bundle or the bundles to the client and this one signs the document of reception of delivery. It is up to the client to verify the state of the goods to the reception and to indicate all the anomalies in the delivery note of reception of delivery.
6. For mailing out of Spain and Portugal consult us.

6 – Politics of returns and annulments

6-1 Goods return:
Our politics, expiring with the current regulation, is to grant to him the right to return any article bought in Capitolvintage in the course of 7 days from the date of reception.
It will not have to contribute any explanation, any article bought in Capitolvintage, returned in its original, sealed packing and in perfect conditions will be accepted without much ado.
In a maximum period of days of the reception of the return, indicated before the buy, Capitolvintage commits himself to its refund.
Before realizing the return, he will have to communicate it to the department of Attention to the client.
If the cause of the return was that the returned article is defective or does not correspond to the requested in the order, Capitolvintage will run with the expenses of the return and new mailing. If the motive of the return is that the order does not satisfy him, we will reimburse neither the amount but not the postage and packing nor the expenses of return.
6-2 order annulment:
If the annulment of the order comes before the goods exit the client will not have any expense. In case of an annulment after the exit of the order, the client will have to its charge the postage and packing as well as the expenses of return of the same order.